Isobel Flynn  RNID  ARCHTI

Isobel Flynn RNID ARCHTI

is a practicing nurse and complementary therapist; reiki master,
divine essence crystal healing practitioner and fertility massage
practitioner who set up her own holistic business called Sky Blue
Healing, Isobel holds holistic health sessions in Dungarvan
Alternative Health Clinic.
Isobel uses bodywork to restore correct balance and achieve optimum
health by using her skills as a healthcare professional and holistic
healer whilst assisting, mentoring and supporting people along their
personal growth and wellness journey in a caring environment, a safe
and confidential haven where each client is treated as a unique
individual. Isobel describes her work as "using my intuition and
senses to guide me I feel sense and clearly see imbalances in the body
so I combine natural healing modalities that I am attuned too,
according to the specific needs of the individual to balance the
body,mind and soul as a whole which has brought about visible positive
assistance in their life and a very uplifting impact on my life.













"I am glad to say I have more energy. The soreness and uncomfortable
feeling I had in my right side below my breast is gone. It is truely
amazing how well I feel and long may it continue. It was the best hour
I spent in a long, long time. The healing power I feel and still feel
is amazing"
. K O' Suillivan, Cork.

For an appointment
Phone Isobel: 0892304477
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